September hails the ‘Scent of Spring’ in the mountain Country of North-East Victoria.

For me, as a child, Spring meant frequent ‘orchiding’ trips up into nearby bush with my family so that my mum, who had a licence to pick these fragile beauties, could paint them. We would pile into our VW Kombi Van and head up the Falls Creek Road to our secret orchiding haunts. We would then all excitedly clamber out of the Kombi and run up into the bush to start searching for these delightful, delicate and many-varied jewels of the Australian bush. Great excitement and squeals of delight accompanied each ‘find’ in our ‘Orchid Treasure Hunt’. We would return to our Kombi Van much later with hands clutching specimens of these beauties, ready for Mum to paint.

The intricacies of these delicate creations are amazing. Beautifully coloured, transluscent petals surround a variety of hidden ‘tongues’.

The memory of the sweet, rosewater-like scent of the Sun Orchids and the cinnamon-like aroma of the strange potato orchids is forever etched in my memory as ‘Pure Joy’.