One of the most memorable pets we had was a possum we reared from the pouch. Our family was ‘THE’ family to go to if someone in the town found a ‘road kill’ animal with a baby in the pouch. Possy, as we called him, began life with us sucking life through an eyedropper. However, as he grew sturdier, we realized that he needed a better home than our laundry. Dad had just bought an old wooden hawker’s van which he had positioned in our backyard. He enclosed this amazing old van in chicken wire and our many guinea pigs called it home. So this enclosure became Possy’s new home too. He occupied the upper level, whilst the guinea pigs made their homes in warm, cosy, hay-filled hutches underneath the seats inside the van. There was also a long wooden ramp which descended from the front of the van down to the grass and hay-covered ground. This enabled the guinea pigs to spend the day eating and exploring. On entering the enclosure, Possy would always leap onto our shoulder and ……. unceremoniously wee down our backs. What a delightful greeting!

We kept Possy for about a year and then dad decided that it would be kinder if we released him back into the bush.

The Big Day came, a warm Saturday afternoon. We all piled into our Kombi van with Possy and his sleeping box and headed up into the bush. Finding a suitable place, we alighted from the van an descended into a dark, tree filled gully. Dad nailed Possy’s box high up onto a tree trunk, whilst each of us gave Possy a cuddle and whispered our fond farewells. We put him into his box, took a photo of the sad occasion before sadly walking away back to the car.

Despite our intense sadness, we knew that Possy was now back where he was meant to be… The sweet smelling, aromatic australian bush.