In 1988 I was approached by a dear friend of mine, Glenda, to illustrate the front cover of her mother’s biography, ‘God Sees A Sparrow’.

Given the title, I chose to paint the picture you see alongside. The sparrow is framed by views of the Kiewa Valley in North east Victoria, with Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest mountain looming in the background.

‘God Sees A Sparrow’ is a book full of meaning and purpose. The title represents God touching the life of an unassuming and insignificant human being in Dorrie Melba Mattingley.

Dorrie likened herself to a sparrow.

There are many of them, they dart aroung busying themselves in their daily affairs, but they lack the colour and flair of brightly-coloured robins or blue wrens, the spendour of peacocks or the plumage of the lyrebird.

The sparrow is an unassuming little bird that God Almighty counts as precious.